Be Subtle with Custom Die Cut Sticky Notes

Be subtle with Custom Die Cut Sticky Notes

by Wendy

on 22 October, 2013

We lived in a fast paced world. This is a sad fact which you will have to deal with sooner or later. The constant whirlwind of activities has certainly made it difficult to keep track of everything. Well, that is what branded sticky notes are for. Not only are they excellent marketing tools, but these sticky notes are sure to become a part of your customer’s everyday life, which means your brand will also experience the same kind of attention.


Going for Unique Sticky Notes

Since it has been established time and again the immeasurable value of these promotional sticky notes in terms of promoting your message, you know you have to learn how to maximise their uses. This is where custom die cut sticky note pads come in.


Pre-cut to your preferred shape and size, these promo sticky note pads are bound to grab your customers’ attention almost instantly. Here are a few tips to maximise this particular sticky note style.

  • Choose a shape which allows customers to easily associate your brand. A good example would be tooth for dentists, trucks for business in the freight or moving industry and apples if you are in the fresh produce business.
  • Opt for subtle logo design or artwork. You have to remember that the customers will be using these and will be writing on them so make sure your logo does not overcrowd the space for writing. Keep it simple.
  • Contrast colours. It will be a good idea to choose contrasting colours for the sticky notes and your print. This way the logo stands out, even if they are subtle in size, and the shape of the sticky notes is also much more defined.