Does Anyone having problem using sticky note function on windows

by Wendy 

on 09 May, 2012 


I know I am not a tech person, but saying I am struggle to use the sticky note function on Windows is a bit embarrassing. Still up until now, I found paper sticky notes are more useful than the electronic version of it.

Reason why? You would require certain knowledge to know how to operate the sticky note function. When I wrote something on the electronic sticky notes, it will disappear if I opened a new tap. It took me a while and still don’t have a clue how to make it stay there. last and the most important reason is, no matter what you wrote, once you switch off the computer, it will disappear. In a busy world now, we just need constant reminder no matter your computer is switch on or off. Paper sticky notes will do a far better job in this case, at least they will stay in one location unless the glue has came off. Also checking how many sticky notes you have cleared it is like an achievement to yourself as well, which is not a simple delete button can achieve. Also the handy sticky backing, can stick the notes on wherever you want in any sequence you like. It is a reminder for you as well as beautiful decoration on your desk.