by Charles 

on 12 February, 2013 

A busy life, they say, is a productive life.

However, as we are humans and not machines, there are times when we need to remind someone or be reminded of something. This is where sticky notes come in handy. Introduced to the US market in 1980, sticky notes, under the brand name Post-it, are considered to be an essential part of office life. They are used for leaving messages for others, writing reminders to yourself and even as bookmarks. They can be relied on to stay in place and you can be sure your message will reach its intended recipient.

A little trivia — do you know that you can cover the entire world with about 506,880,800 Post It Notes? Now that is really a sight to see!

Sticky notes are also popular as promotional gifts because of their important uses and high visibility. They come in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes and you can easily customise one by adding a witty slogan or catch phrase. You can even partner with branded pen or printed stationary for more impact and brand exposure.