History of Sticky Notes

by Wendy 

on 15 April, 2012 


Post it notes are a common turn refer to note paper with adhesisve strip at back top of the paper which can be removed from any surface without leaving a trace or stain. ‘Post it notes’ are a very widely use term, but do you know this term is actually a registered trade mark from 3M, while ‘sticky note’ which is another common term is a registered trade mark of another company called Societic Bic.

As much as the huge popular of sticky notes, they actually hasn’t been around for a long time. The reusable adhesive strip was invented in 1968 by Dr Spencer Silver, he has been tried to promote this concept through out the year, and it is without success until 1974 when Art Fry from 3M came up with the idea of applying this adhesisve strip at the back of a book mark, the first post it notes was produced. However, it was not popular when it was launched. In 1978, 3M decided to hand out free samples to household and offices and asked for feedback. Until then, post it notes have became a huge success, and was extreme popular in US and Canada.

This is how post it notes developed at the beginning.