Imagining Life Without Printed Sticky Notes

Imaging Life Without Printed Sticky Notes

by Wendy

on 22 March, 2013


When you look at any office desk, you can be sure you will find Promotional Sticky Notes. This is not surprising considering that most employees consider them as a dependable and versatile workmate. In fact, many cannot imagine life without them.

Just to prove a point, there was this story about a company which decided to cut costs by no longer ordering custom printed sticky notes. When the employees learned about this, they started hoarding what was left and used them as barter when asking for favours. Some had to resort to asking clients to give them sticky note pads or take some from other offices they went to. It got so bad that the company decided to bring back the sticky notes and all was well.

It is really hard to imagine a professional life without these branded sticky notes. They are used to remind you of an important matter and it helps that they come in all sizes, colours and designs. Plus, they can even be fun when customised to feature a smart catch phrase or cute artwork. Sticky notes are here to stay and they might still be around when other office supplies become obsolete.