Make Valentine Extra Special with Sticky Notes

Make Valentine Extra Special with Sticky Notes

by Wendy

on 06 February, 2014

It’s never too early to prepare for Valentine’s Day. Just like Christmas, people expect some sort of sweet gesture from their romantic partners. It does not have to be grand; just something to convey how If you are looking for something unique and do not involve spending a ton of money, you will find that all it takes are a few coloured pens and a stack of sticky notes. 

The Wall of Love 

You can do it a number of ways. Look for a blank wall in your home which your partner can walk by or see on a daily basis and post all the sticky notes, forming the shape of the heart. It's up to you which design you prefer.

The sticky notes can already contain messages before you stick them on the wall. Some ideas would be:

  • Things you love about your partner.
  • Prayers for your partner.
  • List of special dates and places.
  • Old notes when you were still in the early stages of your relationship.
  • Photos of the two of you through the years

This idea is also perfect for your anniversary and other holidays or for no reason at all. You can easily customise by choosing a different sticky note colour or sticking them in more private places like the bathroom or bedroom.