Office Fun with Custom Sticky Notes

Office Fun with Custom Sticky Notes

by Wendy

on 08 October, 2013

In any work environment, the hectic schedules and heavy workload can certainly result to impersonal communication. A good way to overcome this is with sassy and unique sticky notes. These sticky notes are perfect for saying serious things in a funny way. I chanced upon a website,, which boasts of great designs, and you can do something similar for your corporate post it notes.

For example, you can come up with a “thank you” sticky note with different choices of your level of gratitude or a “by the way or BTW” design for those not-so-important but still-to-keep-in-mind messages.

If you want, you can also choose sticky notes designed to help your employees organized such as a “Remember To” or a “days of the week” design such as the ones shown below. These unique sticky notes will certainly be appreciated as a corporate gift and will even be a huge hit as promotional merchandise for their distinct look and functionality. Just make sure you print them with your logo or name to boost brand visibility.