Organizing Schedules with Sticky Notes

Organizing Schedules with Sticky Notes

16 May, 2014

Life can be overwhelming at times and most of us have come up with a strategy which allows us to get on top of things, be it related to work or personal life. Some of us have gone all hi-tech and have downloaded numerous mobile applications on our devices while some are content with sticking to their planner and writing everything down.

But if you are still finding yourself forgetting things and mixing up schedules, you can try to get organised the old-fashioned way, using sticky notes. They are not only super helpful but the task itself can be loads of fun. Check these out:

Days of the Week
 – you can easily sort your schedule with this sticky note design which features the different days of the week.

– these sticky note designs help you sort your personal of office tasks easily by classifying them according on the action you need to take.

 – if you are always missing appointments, this sticky note in a clock design is quite helpful as it allows you to draw the hands on a clock. They are also helpful at home when leaving reminders for your kids.

Journal – even your personal thoughts need organising and you can easily do so with this sticky note design. You will surely have fun seeing all your dreams and plans sorted out according to a particular timeframe.

Personalised – you also have the option to make your own sticky note system by assigning a code for each colour of sticky note you use. It’s a simple system but very effective since all you only need to check is the colour.


If you have a business, you might want to hand out your custom sticky notes to help out your customers as well while promoting your brand.