Sticky Note Sampling

Product SamplesWhen making a decision on promotional adhesive notes, sometimes it helps to get a physical sample in hand so that you can confirm the quality and style suits your needs. That's why here at we're happy to provide basic free samples of previous print jobs so you can be sure of exactly what we provide.

What We Require From You

  • Your preferred street delivery address for receiving the sample.
  • The exact style of adhesive note pad you are interested in.

What We Provide To You

  • A free sample of one of our previously printed sticky note pads.

What We Cannot Provide

  • A one off sample print of your design on a sticky note pad free of charge.
  • A free sample featuring a specific company design.
  • Multiple free samples unless otherwise arranged with your sales contact.


If you're interested in obtaining a sample of our note pads, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team for further information.