The Many Uses of Sticky Notes in the Classroom

The Many Uses of Sticky Notes in Classroom

by Wendy

on 15 December, 2013

If you are a business catering to the education industry, you might want to include custom sticky notes as part of your promo merchandise. They make really great marketing tools for their many uses. If you think they can only be used for taking down notes or reminders, think again. You will be surprised with other possible uses such as the following:

-          Use as a bookmark; with references if preferred.

-          For surveying moods of students by displaying a different colour sticky note depending on what they are feeling (green for great, yellow for okay, red for not feeling well)

-          For brainstorming on the board where students can post their ideas

-          As teaching aids

-          For making comments on particular areas/portions of  project without having to write on the actual project

-          Instant name tags

-          For seating charts which you can re-organize each month or quarter

-          To create calendars or memory walls

-          For keeping tabs of folders and files

-          For sending personal notes to students and vice versa; notes to parents

-          As accessories to your word or numbers game; even scavenger hunts

Teachers and even students can be as creative as they want to be and can make use of these sticky notes for almost anything. To ensure brand exposure is maximised, have your promotional sticky notes printed with your business name or logo. Choose a fun deign or artwork for more impact and recall.