Sticky notes are a fun and creative way to showcase your brand. We offer a wide variety of sticky notes so choose one that will represent your brand. Here are our recommended custom adhesive note sets for offices.

Logo Printed Post-It Coloured Notes

These premium logo printed Post-it coloured notes are ideal for any office. This is the best way of organising your thoughts and your desk. They come in a variety of colours for easy colour coordination. You can easily customise these sticky notes with your brand name for easy promotion. Imagine putting your notes on someone else’s desk or taking them to a client meeting; everyone will remember your brand name!

Promotional Large Enviro Sticky Notes

Since we use sticky notes so often, considering choosing these promotional large enviro notepads. These sticky notes are made from 100% recycled paper. This makes them eco-friendly and sustainable. Even though they are recycled they are of top quality and work just like a normal sticky note. Get these decorated with your brand name to help the environment and showcase your logo.

Personalised Sticky Note Pad Spirals

Opt for a unique promotional method with these personalised sticky note pad spirals. These combo kits feature a selection of sticky notes so that every colour can be used for a different purpose. It comes in five different neon colours. This product can be easily taken around from your office to meetings and it will help move your brand too This means that if you get this product emblazoned, you can take your brand and sticky it anywhere!