Sticky notes are not only great tools for anyone working from home but also develop brand retention. Get sticky notes decorated with your logo and keep your brand alive in your clients, staff, friends, and family’s homes. Here are our favourite working from home sticky notes.

Printed Post-it Notes 125x75 Coloured Paper

Nothing beats the classic printed Post-it notes. These promotional sticky notes are a great tool for everyone working from home. You can easily jot down notes or ideas whilst keeping your workspace organised. The sticky notes can also be easily affixed to a variety of surfaces as well as easily removed and re-applied when needed. Get this product emblazoned in a variety of colours and build your brand image!

150x75 Enviro 1 Colour Sticky Notes

These eco-friendly large enviro sticky notes are a fantastic way of keeping organised whilst considering the environment. These products are made from 100% recycled paper! Due to their design, these sticky notes can be easily used again and again to maximise paper conservation. This is a must have for anyone working from home. Get this product decorated with your brand and hand it out to all clients and staff working from home. Now your brand will be with them forever.

Logo Emblazoned Note Marker Books

For a more complete sticky note set, check out these logo emblazoned note marker books. This large book set features a number of different sticky note colours so that you can easily distinguish your notes. The best part about this product is that it can easily be transportable so that you can take notes around the house and keep yourself organised. Couple this with your unique brand and take your brand to the next level.