Adhesive notes are a staple across every office. They are great for quick notetaking as well as a bit of colour to brighten up your workspace. They are also easy means of promoting your brand. Here are the main reasons why businesses like custom adhesive notes.

Useful and Practical

In a constantly busy environment, it may be difficult to take notes down. For example, if you are in a meeting, it may be impolite to take out your phone or laptop to write meetings. Instead, you can use these small sticky notes to take some key points. You can also then easily pin them up to other places in your office or hand them over to other staff.

Some favourite products include: Printed Post-it Notes 125x, Promotional Post-it Notes 75x, and 50x Enviro Coloured Notes

Easy Brand Promotion and Marketing

Another great benefit of sticky notes is that they are great at brand promotion and marketing. You can easily customise your sticky notes with your unique brand name. Our sticky notes come in a variety of colours so make sure to pick one that contrasts with your brand.

Great choices include: Best Selling Mini Notebook With Flags, Logo Emblazoned Note Marker Books, and Adhesive Memo Note Sets Eco

Great Office Gifts and Accessories

Sticky notes also make for great office gifts and accessories. This is a useful and fun present for your staff, clients, friends, and family. Everyone can find some sort of use for sticky notes. Spruce up your colleague’s workspace with some quirky sticky notes.

Popular items include: Promotional Sticky Note Pads Spiral, Custom Branded Jigsaw Sticky Flags, and Sticky Note Business Card Cases Branded