Top Picks for 2022 Adhesive Note Sets

Sticky notes are perfect advertising tools in 2022. They are practical, cheap, and effective. Here are our top picks for 2022 adhesive note sets.

70x75 Enviro Sticky Notes

These sustainable sticky notes are essential for 2022. These notepads are made from 40 sheets of 100% recycled paper. They are portable and practical, being useful for the office, home, or even just in your bag. Customise these sticky notes with your logo so that your brand name is always viewable. Gift these sticky notes out today!

Sticky Note Flower Sets

If you are looking for something innovative, check out these sticky note flower-shaped pads. These unique adhesive notes are in the cute shape of a daisy. These sticky note sets feature 5 different coloured sticky notes and are guaranteed to have your brand remembered. Get these products decorated with your logo and start posting these notes all around the office.

Cheap Promotional Desk Cube Sets

These cheap promotional desk cube sticky notes are perfect for 2022. They are the ideal product for any office. A discreet cube of sticky notes is essential for quick notetaking and sharing information between colleagues. These sticky notes feature 5 different colours and come in a snazzy cardboard cube. Decorate these sticky notes with your brand name and elevate your brand retention.