Why sticky note combo sets? For starters, these are a great option because they can include note flags, calendars, timeline, meetings etc. The promotional combos we offer come commonly in pages of 25, 40 and 50 as well as the sticky notes themselves. Whenever being used, one can take a stick note from within the combo and stick it in the page. Made in Australia, they come in different colours to make differentiation a whole lot easier. Other than being convenient, what makes these sticky notes popular? Let's take a look at some examples and their characteristics.

Promotional Sticky Notes in the Office

You can order the Combo Printed Sticky Pads in bulk. The minimum order one can place is 250 units. The most popular and highly preferred is the order with 500 notes, because the each reduces in price significantly, saving you money. They are perfect for office use. The Promotional Sticky Note Pads (Encased) are perfect for promotional purposes. Hosting three sticky notes styles for the user to write on there is a whole lot of space inside this set. Alternatively, you can settle for the Personalised Multi coloured Flags, these economically priced and affordable to every business. The functionality is what makes them more valuable and amazing for promotional use. Offering a bright and bold aesthetically pleasing look, they are perfect for all ages, regardless the age. They can quickly be branded with your custom pint on the front cover without appearing too tacky.

Whether used in the office, at home, or at school, we have a matching custom sticky combo set ready for order. Indeed, we are functioning in a digitalised era, but our promotional sticky note combo sets will always be the go-to solution for office and home reminders.