Promotional sticky notes are a staple of large-scale expos, business conferences, and trade shows but have you ever asked yourself why they continue to be so popular? There's a lot of reasons as to why organisations may select adhesive notes for their promotion, but today we've put together a list of the 3 most common reasons -- see if they reflect your organisation's needs too.

Why You Need Promotional Sticky Notes

1) Promotional Sticky Notes are Lightweight

There's nothing worse than carrying a tote bag around an expo only to have it filled up with heavy, annoying objects you'd rather throw away than lug about. Sticky notes are exactly what you need for your event if lightweight, small, and easy-to-carry products are important to you. Your recipients won't feel dragged down by the adhesive notes and are far more likely to keep them around for future use than a cumbersome, heavy product.

2) Logo Branded Adhesive Notes Look Amazing

Sticky notes are the perfect canvas for expressing the individuality of your brand or event. Because we can brand on almost the entire note page, your designs can be colourful and dazzling as well as sizable. The paper colour and shape can also be customised to meet your needs so your sticky note pads will be sure to turn heads.

3) Cheap and Cheerful Custom Goodies

Sticky notes are affordable products available for between cents and a couple of dollars each, ensuring they're a potential piece of marketing merchandise for any budget. But don't think that means you'll have to compromise on looks, as custom sticky notes can be eye-catching and effective merchandise without having to pay for full-colour printing if you're not in the position to do so. A smart slogan or cute mascot in one-colour print only is more than enough to get your merchandise the attention it deserves.

If you're not sure how your design will look on the adhesive notes, simply ask our sales team for a free virtual mockup featuring your logo.