Promotional Sticky Notes 1 Colour Printed

Buy sticky notes custom printed in a single colour print with your graphics or logos onto each page. We deliver sticky notes direct to your home, office or organisation. Sticky notes are a great low-cost promotional item and are perfect for a range of different outdoor or indoor events.

Sticky Note Pads Information

Our range of sticky notes features a premium glue strip on one side of the notepad. This glue strip has been carefully designed to ensure that it leaves no residue. The adhesiveness has enough strength for regular daily use, yet the adhesive is sufficiently soft to lift from almost any flat surface cleanly. All our standard notes also come with:

  • Your choice of sticky adhesive side (to enable a portrait or landscape view)
  • Backing Paper with a 1colour custom print of your choice
  • 80gsm paper
  • Individual Carton packaging with 25 pads per pack
  • Up to 75% custom print ink coverage for your graphics on each page.

Custom Printed on All Pages

All our sticky notes here include a single colour print of your logo onto each page of the sticky notepad.

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  1. Custom 125x75mm Sticky Notes

    Single colour design on white paper

14 Items

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