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Custom Adhesive Note Sets for Offices

Sunday, 10 October 2021 1:46:21 PM Australia/Sydney

Sticky notes are a fun and creative way to showcase your brand. We offer a wide variety of sticky notes so choose one that will represent your brand. Here are our recommended custom adhesive note sets for offices.

Logo Printed Post-It Coloured Notes

These premium logo printed Post-it coloured notes are ideal for any office. This is the best way of organising your thoughts and your desk. They come in a variety of colours for easy colour coordination. You can easily customise these sticky notes with your brand name for easy promotion. Imagine putting your notes on someone else’s desk or taking them to a client meeting; everyone will remember your brand name!

Promotional Large Enviro Sticky Notes

Since we use sticky notes so often, considering choosing these promotional large enviro notepads. These sticky notes are made from 100% recycled paper. This makes them eco-friendly and sustainable. Even though they are recycled they are of top quality and work just like a normal sticky note. Get these decorated with your brand name to help the environment and showcase your logo.

Personalised Sticky Note Pad Spirals

Opt for a unique promotional method with these personalised sticky note pad spirals. These combo kits feature a selection of sticky notes so that every colour can be used for a different purpose. It comes in five different neon colours. This product can be easily taken around from your office to meetings and it will help move your brand too This means that if you get this product emblazoned, you can take your brand and sticky it anywhere!

Posted By Jakub

Promotional Sticky Notes for Home Offices

Saturday, 18 September 2021 8:41:13 AM Australia/Sydney

Sticky notes are not only great tools for anyone working from home but also develop brand retention. Get sticky notes decorated with your logo and keep your brand alive in your clients, staff, friends, and family’s homes. Here are our favourite working from home sticky notes.

Printed Post-it Notes 125x75 Coloured Paper

Nothing beats the classic printed Post-it notes. These promotional sticky notes are a great tool for everyone working from home. You can easily jot down notes or ideas whilst keeping your workspace organised. The sticky notes can also be easily affixed to a variety of surfaces as well as easily removed and re-applied when needed. Get this product emblazoned in a variety of colours and build your brand image!

150x75 Enviro 1 Colour Sticky Notes

These eco-friendly large enviro sticky notes are a fantastic way of keeping organised whilst considering the environment. These products are made from 100% recycled paper! Due to their design, these sticky notes can be easily used again and again to maximise paper conservation. This is a must have for anyone working from home. Get this product decorated with your brand and hand it out to all clients and staff working from home. Now your brand will be with them forever.

Logo Emblazoned Note Marker Books

For a more complete sticky note set, check out these logo emblazoned note marker books. This large book set features a number of different sticky note colours so that you can easily distinguish your notes. The best part about this product is that it can easily be transportable so that you can take notes around the house and keep yourself organised. Couple this with your unique brand and take your brand to the next level.

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Best-Selling Customised Combo Notes

Friday, 20 August 2021 1:24:22 PM Australia/Sydney

Sticky notes are great promotional products but take it one step further by investing in unique combo sticky note sets. Here are our best-selling customised combo notes.

Event Branded Adhesive Notebooks

These event branded adhesive notebooks are the perfect combo gift products. These notebooks feature three different sized notes and come wrapped in one giant sticky notebook. The pages come in yellow paper and a set of five neon strips. You can easily customise this product with your brand or logo to get your name known!

Promotional Sticky Note Pads Spiral

Having a handy promotional sticky note spiral pad is perfect. These unique products come in a combo set of five different coloured sticky notes. You can easily get your logo embossed on the front of this product and it can easily fit in your pocket for quick notetaking. Don’t sleep on sticky notes and get ahead with this spiral set.

Custom Branded Jigsaw Sticky Flags

These cute custom branded jigsaw sticky flags turn a normal sticky note set into a fun gift. These sticky notes come in different Tetris shapes that neatly fit into a sleek box. This makes it appealing to all ages and makes it eye-catching for your brand. Get this emblazoned with your name or logo and get instant brand recognition!

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Why Choose Eco Sticky Notes?

Friday, 16 July 2021 4:24:29 PM Australia/Sydney

Sticky notes are a staple product for every household and office. However, to take your brand to the next level, getting environmentally friendly sticky notes. Here are the reasons why you should choose eco sticky notes.

Locally Made

All our sticky notes are made in Australia. This ensures that all sticky note products are kept to the same standard. In this way, we can monitor that they conform to our requirements and are made to the highest quality. This also benefits the local economy and the local environment. Support local businesses with our eco sticky notes.

Top picks include: 100x75 Enviro 1col and 125x75 Enviro 1col

Recycled Paper and No Bleaching

Our eco sticky notes are made exclusively from recycled paper. Rather than harvesting new trees for sticky notes, we instead use acceptable recycled paper. This does not impact the quality of the sticky notes and ensures that we are protecting local trees and the environment. Moreover, we do not bleach our papers to ensure that they are kept natural.

Popular options include: 150x75 Enviro 1col and 200x75 Enviro 1col

Environmentally Positive

By choosing eco sticky notes, your brand will send a positive environmental message. A lot of consumers greatly value a company’s approach to the environment. If you are taking proactive measures to help protect the planet people will respect that and endorse your brand. This is an easy way to give back and help your brand grow.

Best products include: 50x75 Enviro 1col and 75x75 Enviro 1col

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Why Businesses Like Custom Adhesive Notes

Friday, 25 June 2021 4:22:39 PM Australia/Sydney

Adhesive notes are a staple across every office. They are great for quick notetaking as well as a bit of colour to brighten up your workspace. They are also easy means of promoting your brand. Here are the main reasons why businesses like custom adhesive notes.

Useful and Practical

In a constantly busy environment, it may be difficult to take notes down. For example, if you are in a meeting, it may be impolite to take out your phone or laptop to write meetings. Instead, you can use these small sticky notes to take some key points. You can also then easily pin them up to other places in your office or hand them over to other staff.

Some favourite products include: Printed Post-it Notes 125x, Promotional Post-it Notes 75x, and 50x Enviro Coloured Notes

Easy Brand Promotion and Marketing

Another great benefit of sticky notes is that they are great at brand promotion and marketing. You can easily customise your sticky notes with your unique brand name. Our sticky notes come in a variety of colours so make sure to pick one that contrasts with your brand.

Great choices include: Best Selling Mini Notebook With Flags, Logo Emblazoned Note Marker Books, and Adhesive Memo Note Sets Eco

Great Office Gifts and Accessories

Sticky notes also make for great office gifts and accessories. This is a useful and fun present for your staff, clients, friends, and family. Everyone can find some sort of use for sticky notes. Spruce up your colleague’s workspace with some quirky sticky notes.

Popular items include: Promotional Sticky Note Pads Spiral, Custom Branded Jigsaw Sticky Flags, and Sticky Note Business Card Cases Branded


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Who Uses Promotional Lecture Pads?

Tuesday, 25 May 2021 2:40:01 PM Australia/Sydney

Promotional lecture pads are great items to convey information. These fantastic items are incredibly popular and can come in handy in a variety of situations. Here are the best times to use promotional lecture pads.

lecture pad ideas

Offices and Meetings

Every office needs a promotional lecture pad to easily pass information around the workspace. Sometimes it is just easier writing an idea down and move this information. These lecture pads will give you ample space to let your mind run free. Moreover, you will have a physical item to show your ideas in meetings. It also allows for cooperation. Get this emblazoned with your brand for great marketing.

Students and Learning

Students in high school and university love lecture pads. Taking notes is a staple in education so assist them in their learning by providing them with a promotional lecture pad. Students pass their lecture pads between friends when studying so everyone will see your brand! What are you waiting for? Get this decorated with your logo today.

Use at Events

Taking notes at events and seminars is key. Sometimes taking notes on your phone can be difficult due to the small screen as well as all the distractions on your phone. Lecture pads are succinct and will help you stay focused. People will be impressed with your dedication to the event and may even look at your notes and see your promotional brand. This is an easy way to boost your brand recognition.

Posted By Jakub G

2021 Top Picks for Branded Sticky Notes

Friday, 29 January 2021 3:04:23 PM Australia/Sydney

Sticky notes are an essential tool for any home or office. They range in shapes, sizes and colours and can easily give your brand a healthy boost. Here are our 2021 top picks for branded sticky notes.

 Branded Adhesive Notes 2021

Branded Sticky Notes

Single or multicoloured sticky notes are always a fan favourite. These useful tools can be stuck around your home or office for little reminders or quirky messages. Our sticky notes feature premium glue on the top of the note which is designed to leave no residue when stuck. Additionally, it is proven to be durable yet easy to remove. Emblazoned with your brand or log, these sticky notes are guaranteed to turn heads!

Top products include: Promotional Post-It Notes 10x10, Customised Post-It Notes 5x7.5, and Personalised Post-It Notes 20x15.

Eco Adhesive Notes

For an environmentally positive approach, we have eco-friendly sticky notes. These will not only benefit the environment but also your brand name. These sticky notes are made from 100% recycled paper and are produced locally. We employ top quality branding techniques to ensure that your brand shines on these sticky notes. Get these to send the right message.

Favourite choices include: 100x75 Enviro Note, 70x75 Eco Sticky Note, and 200x75 Enviro Note.

Combo Pads and Sets

If you are looking for the best of both worlds, look no further than these logo branded sticky combo sets. This all-inclusive item is perfect as a gift for employees, clients, friends and family. Our sticky note sets include a variety of different sized sticky notes, tabs and even coloured paper to maximise your brand’s image. Decorating these products with your brand or logo will certainly get you welcome exposure.

Must buys include: Combo Printed Sticky Pads, Best Selling Mini Notebook with Flags, and Sticky Note Sets Flower Shaped.

Posted By Jakub G

Why Combo Notes Make Great Gifts

Friday, 4 December 2020 9:53:52 AM Australia/Sydney

Sticky note combo sets are fantastic promotional items that are widely used by all ages. Here are the reasons why you should get combo sticky notes as gifts for your clients, staff, friends and family.

Combo Notes With Logo Branding

Cheap and Affordable

Everyone loves a product that is not only useful for their clients but cheap to emblazon. Combo notes are exactly that, practical and affordable. Since sticky notes are so cheap to decorate, you can easily multiply your marketing strategy ten-fold without dipping into your budget too heavily. Additionally, it also means you can redirect your funds in a better way, for example, investing more in the quality of the branding, such as through full-colour print. Everyone will love such an affordable and useful product.

Useful for Home and Office Use

Sticky note combo sets are a staple in every home and office. They are ideal for notetaking and reminders. But they also have a fun utility such as writing cute notes or jokes and leaving them around the house or office. If you are looking for something other than digital notetaking, sticky notes are your best alternative. These combo notes also come in various shapes and sizes, so it is guaranteed to be a great gift for all ages.

Great Marketing Tools

Since branded sticky notes are so frequently used, they offer a fantastic means of marketing. People take sticky notes with them wherever they go which will mean that your brand will be travelling with them too. Just imagine dropping a sticky note on your colleagues’ desk, they will not only see the message but your brand name too! This makes it a great tool to be used or even given out at trade shows, marketing conventions and other similar occasions. Spread the joy of your brand today with combo notes!

Posted By Jakub G

Sticky Note Office Essentials

Thursday, 8 October 2020 12:10:01 PM Australia/Sydney

Sticky notes are a versatile tool that is frequently used in almost every office. Whether you need to take notes or pass a message, sticky notes are your answer. Here are three fantastic sticky note office essential that you need today to get your brand the attention it deserves!

Sticky Notes on Desk

Cheap Promotional Desk Cube Sets

We all know that sticky notes get used up just like that, so why not get a collection set to ensure that you always have a means of writing a message. These promotional desk cube kits feature five pads of sticky note paper in five different colours. Additionally, there are matching flags as well as a pen cup to complete your set. This little cube can live on your office desk and offer so much utility! More importantly, if it is customised with your brand name you will get endless exposure.

50x75 Enviro Sticky Notes

For an environmentally conscientious approach, these 50x75 enviro sticky notes are your answer. These sticky note pads are made from 100% recycled paper. People respect businesses that care for the environment and these sticky notes offer an easy way for you to do this! Your clients, customers, staff, friends and family will love to use these. These pads contain 40 sheets of recycled paper that can be printed with your unique name or logo. This means that every time someone uses these sticky notes they will be reminded of your brand and its care for the environment!

Logo Emblazoned Note Marker Books

For the ultimate sticky note experience, you need to get these logo emblazoned note marker books. Not only do you have the option to utilise sticky notes as well as matching markers, but you also have a handy book to make portable notes. This is a fantastic gift for all offices and one that will be cherished by recipients. With your brand name and logo sprawled across the front of the marker book, you will gain unlimited exposure! The hardcover adhesive notebook has six coloured flags and comes in three different colours to ensure that your brand pops. What are you waiting for, pick this up today!

Posted By Jakub G

Why Branded Sticky Notes are Marketing Essentials

Wednesday, 5 August 2020 1:31:05 PM Australia/Sydney

Promotional sticky notes are a classic tool in marketing and brand strategy. They are a useful item that is required in almost every home and office. Moreover, you can customise these products to truly match your brand and image. Here are the main reasons why sticky notes are marketing essentials.

Eco Sticky Notes

Affordable, Unique Products

Sticky notes are renowned as an optimal promotional product as they are cheap and affordable. In this sense, you are freed up to invest more in the branding and decoration of the sticky note to improve your brand image. More importantly, as sticky notes are cheap, you can buy more of them meaning more people will see your brand name!

Popular and Used by Everyone

Sticky notes are a staple in almost every home or office. They are a versatile product that is used for notetaking, reminders, and even fun decorations. They are suitable for all and each person can find a different use in these products. This makes them fantastic giveaway options at marketing conventions, trade shows, seminars and even school expos. This is certainly a sought-after product and one that no one can refuse.

Easily Customised and Themed

With current decorative techniques, sticky notes can be easily customised and changed to suit different themes. The shape and size of branded sticky notes can also be improved from merely being a square. Your imagination is the only barrier when designing these products. By personalising the sticky notes, your brand image will be improved resulting in greater remembrance of your brand by users and onlookers.

Posted By Jakub G

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