Printed 100x100mm Sticky Notes

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Great for businesses

Law practices, insurance companies, real estate agencies, and banks-these are just some of the companies who will benefit from these 100 mm x 100 mm white sticky note pads. The large surface area allows for plenty of writing space for notes. Great for legal documents, contracts, and other important documents that need to be addressed, edited, or signed. Advertise your company with a customized message, company logo, or eye-catching image that can be printed in one-colour on each page. Each notepad contains 40 sheets of white paper. Ultimately, that's 40 advertisements right at your fingertips.

Customised Adhesive Notes 

The price includes the cost of the one-colour printing (recommended print area should be no larger than 50% of the page size to allow for ample writing space), but does not include GST. Printing is done in Australia and product(s) can only be delivered to customers within Australia.

Thinner or Thicker Pad Options

Ask about having your sticky notes delivered in your number of desired pages. We have these 3 additional options for you to choose from:

  • 25 pages
  • 50 pages
  • 100 pages

3M Post-it® Available

Dont forget, we also supply 3M Post-it® in unbranded, bulk quantities for your daily office, school and home use. 


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