Promotional Adhesive Notes with 2 Colour Print

We sell 2 Colour Custom Print Adhesive Notes tailored to your design or message. These sticky notes are ideal for businesses, educational institutions, and promotional campaigns, offering a dynamic way to highlight information and enhance brand recognition.

Our collection includes sticky notes with various sizes and shapes, memo cubes, and custom lecture pads, all available for customisation with two-colour printing to align with your corporate identity or campaign theme.

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  1. Printed 12.5x7.5cm Sticky Notes

    Custom brand your post-it notes.
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  2. Printed Adhesive Notes 10x7.5cm

    Custom branded sticky pads.


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  3. Custom 7.5x7.5 Sticky Notes

    Promotional Adhesive Notes.


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  4. Printed Sticky Notes 7x7.5cm

    Custom branded with your logo.
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5 Items

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What are Custom Printed 2 Colour Sticky Notes?

2 Colour Custom Print Adhesive Notes are sticky notes that allow for printing in two distinct colours, enabling more intricate designs and the use of brand-specific colour schemes. They are essential for note-taking, organising documents, or leaving reminders, combining functionality with the opportunity for increased visual impact.

Who Can Benefit from Personalised 2 Colour Sticky Notes?

2 Colour Custom Print Adhesive Notes are perfect for:

  • Corporations and small businesses that distribute as part of their office supplies or in promotional kits.
  • Educational sectors for use by students and teachers to organise notes and highlight key information.
  • Event organisers to hand out as part of conference or seminar materials.
  • Marketing professionals looking for cost-effective tools to support branding efforts.
  • Any setting where visual communication and brand reinforcement are valued.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we choose the colours used for the two-colour printing?

Yes, you can select from a wide range of colours to match your branding needs.

What is the print area available on these adhesive notes?

The print area varies with the size of the notes, typically allowing for prominent display of logos and messages.

How durable is the printing on these notes?

The printing is designed to be durable and resist fading with normal indoor use.

What are the minimum order quantities for these custom-printed notes?

Yes, we only sell in bulk. Please speak to one of our sales agents for the minimum order required for this type of stress toy.

How long will it take to deliver the customised adhesive notes?

Standard delivery is 2 weeks. But if you want to expedite your order, you can speak to one of our sales agents.


Choice of Adhesive Sides

All our sticky notes may be personalised further by providing you with your choice of adhesive side. The most common sticky notes have the adhesive side located at the top of the sticky note. However, if you desire, we can organise for you to have the adhesive on the left, right or bottom side of the sticky post it note.

Made in Australia

All our sticky notes and post-it notes are supplied within Australia, and made in Australia. Turnaround time is a fast 2 weeks.

Graphic Designs for Printing on Sticky Notes

For original graphic designs, or artwork conversions, we now offer our in house designing service. For a low fee starting from $15, we can create original designs for you to brand onto your sticky note. Alternatively if you already have your designs in a jpeg format, we can provide artwork conversions to enable you to print those jpeg designs onto a post it sticky note.

Optional Page Configurations

The sticky pads that we supply come with a standard 40-page configuration. If you desire, we can supply sticky notes in the following page configurations as well:
- 25 pages per pad
- 50 pages per pad
- 100 pages per pad