Promotional Sticky Notes 1 Colour Printed

We sell 1 Colour Custom Printed Sticky Notes personalised with your logo or message. These sticky notes are perfect for office use, promotional events, and educational purposes, offering a practical and visible way to keep notes and reminders.

We stock a wide range of sticky note sizes and styles, such as custom-shaped sticky notes, each capable of being personalised with your single-colour design to enhance your brand visibility.

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  1. Custom 125x75mm Sticky Notes

    Single colour design on white paper

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What is a Personalised 1 Colour Sticky Note?

1 Colour Custom Printed Sticky Notes are adhesive notepaper pads that feature a design or logo printed in a single colour. They are made from re-adherable strips of adhesive on the back, allowing them to be easily attached, removed, and repositioned without leaving residue. These sticky notes serve as a tool for jotting down reminders, marking pages, or organising tasks, commonly used in offices, schools, and for promotional purposes. The custom printing allows for branding or personalisation, making these sticky notes a functional and cost-effective marketing tool.

Who Can Benefit from These Custom Branded Sticky Notes?

1 Colour Custom Printed Sticky Notes are ideal for:

  • Businesses looking to boost brand awareness in office environments.
  • Educational institutions for study aids, teaching tools, and organisation.
  • Event organisers as part of promotional materials or event packs.
  • Professionals for daily task management and information bookmarking.
  • Any industry where quick, visible notes are beneficial for daily operations.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can we choose the paper colour for the sticky notes?

Yes, a range of paper colours is available to match your branding or design preferences.

What size options are available for these sticky notes?

Common sizes include 3x3 inches, 4x4 inches, or custom dimensions to fit your specific needs.

How long does the adhesive last on these sticky notes?

With proper storage and use, the adhesive can last for several months, retaining the ability to stick and re-stick.

What is the minimum order quantity for 1 Colour Custom Printed Sticky Notes?

Yes, we only sell in bulk. Please speak to one of our sales agents for the minimum order required for this type of stress toy.

How quickly can I receive my order of custom printed sticky notes?

Standard delivery is 2 weeks. But if you want to expedite your order, you can speak to one of our sales agents.