10x10x10cm No Side Print

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100x100x100 no side print
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The perfect desk accessory

Find what you need quickly and easily with the use of these cubic note pads.

Large Sized Cube

Each cube measures at 100 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm providing a tower of writing paper right at your disposal. The ingenuity of these cubic pads of paper allows you to keep all your important notes together-on your desktop and right at your fingertips. Looking for a specific note from last week? Simply flip through the pages of the cubic notes to find it. The sticky note cubes' outer glued-binding keeps all the papers together until needed.

Sticky Post it Cubes Custom Printed

The price for this sticky note cube includes:

  • 1colour print on each page

Versatile Product for a Variety of Uses

The convenience of these cubic note pads allows you to have something to write on at those unexpected times when you need it-those times when you need to write down a customer's order, take a phone message, calculate something, or take down lunch orders from all your office mates. And for added convenience, each paper sheet contains an adhesive backing that allows you to post the note to most surface areas including books, walls, file folders, computers monitors, and even refrigerator doors.

Special Adhesive Glue

This special backing also allows you to reapply that same sticky note again and again without loosing its adhesive or leaving a residue behind when removed. The sticky note pads are useful around the house as well. Keep them on hand to jot down the dates of doctor appointments, the list of groceries you've asked your spouse to get, or dinner instructions for the nights your children need to heat up dinner. GST is not included and products can only be delivered to customers within Australia.

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