5x5x5cm No side print

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50x50x50 no side print
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Great for smaller budgets

Stock up your home or office with these multi-purposed 50 x 50 x 50 mm sticky note cubes-each cube contains a tower of paper ready to be inscribed with all your genius ideas or important messages. Staff can use the sticky note cubes to maintain a clean, organized, and professional desktop while keeping important notes nearby for easy reference. The innate benefit of the note cube is that it keeps all its paper sheets glued together until needed.

Attaches to Almost Any Flat Surface

Each piece of paper can be torn off and then affixed to most surface areas with the use of its adhesive backing. This includes books, walls, file folders, computers monitors, and even refrigerator doors. This special backing also allows you to reapply that same sticky note again and again without loosing its adhesive or leaving a residue behind when removed. This can be quite handy when you need to post those messages, notes, or phone numbers in a more prominent location.

Cheap Sticky Cube Option

This is the smallest size in our range of Sticky cubes and it is the most cost effective option. GST is not included and products can only be delivered to customers within Australia.

Custom Branding on Sticky Postits Included

The price shown on our website includes:

  • 1colour custom print on each page.

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