7x7x3.5cm Side printed

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70x70x35 half cube side print
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Give away at an event or expo

Promote your business with the amazing marketing power contained in one amazing cube. This 70 mm x 70 mm x 35 mm cubic note pad contains a stack of convenient note sheets and is perfect for taking down notes, phone numbers, or that brilliant idea when it strikes. Business owners take note.

Buy Sticky Note Cubes Custom Printed

The price includes the cost of the one-colour print image or wording, but does not include GST. Printing is done in Australia and product(s) can only be delivered to customers within Australia.

A full colour side print is also included in the price for all 4 sides.

Fabulous Advertising Exposure

The advertising exposure you will receive from these savvy cubes is remarkable-each side of the cube can be custom printed in one-colour ink with your company logo or your choice of branding. Plus, each sheet of paper can also be printed with your logo. That's maximum advertising exposure at a very economical price. These practical cubic note pads make wonderful giveaways. Hand them out at trade shows to increase booth traffic. Not only are the cubic note pads practical, but they also make wonderful conversation starters to help facilitate dialogue between you and prospective customers.

Brand Name Exposure that is Unbeatable

These sizeable cubic note pads are so appealing that chances are they will stay on the desktop of your customers and prospective customers rather than tossed in a desk drawer. That means your company and/or phone number is always visible, helping to grow customer loyalty and your business. The cubic note pad contains a stack of paper and each sheet has an adhesive backing that allows the paper to be easily affixed, removed, and reapplied to most surface areas including a computer monitor, wall, light switch, or refrigerator. It also keeps the surface free of residue when removed, unlike tape that often leaves a gunky mess.

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