70x75mm Custom Adhesive Notes

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Promotional 70x75mm sticky notes custom branded with your company logo or unique design. Go inside any office setting, and you are guaranteed to find sticky note pads such as these 70 mm x 75 mm white sticky note pads. They are commonly used for phone messages, reminder notes, and to mark up important documents, but their applicability doesn't end there. They are great for labeling file folders, bookmarking important pages of large documents, and posting appointments in day planners. They even make handy drink coasters so you don't leave a ring on your desk. The sticky note pads are useful around the house as well. Keep them on hand to jot down the dates of doctor appointments, the list of groceries you've asked your spouse to get, or dinner instructions for the nights your children need to heat up dinner.

We Decorate Your Company Logo

Best of all, these white sticky note pads can be personalised with your company logo to brand your company. It's a cost-effective way to advertise your business while delivering a goody that is practical, functional, and readily used. The tailor-designed sticky note pads make great trade show giveaways. Not only will they drive traffic to your booth, but they will also serve as a repetitive reminder of your business.

Price Includes a 1 Colour Print

The price includes the cost of 1 colour print image or wording, but does not include GST. Printing is done in Australia and product(s) can only be delivered to customers within Australia.

Page Configurations

The sticky note pads contain 40 sheets of white paper-each page can be printed with your company logo. That's 40 potential advertisements at a very cheap price. This sticky note is also available in:

  •     50 Page configurations
  •     100 Page configurations

Please ask us for a quote on these alternate options when you make your enquiry.

3M Post-it® Available

Dont forget, we also supply 3M Post-it® in unbranded, bulk quantities for your daily office use too.



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