What is Digital Printing?

Another way to showcase your customised Sticky Notes - Digital Printing involves direct printing from a digital medium using Inkjet or Laser Printing. It is a more expensive method of professional printing. Compared to Offset Printing, Digital Printing has a higher cost per page, therefore this option is not cost effective for customers seeking for an affordable method of printing. However if you're after a sophisticated print, this is definitely the option for you.

The benefits of this Printing Method

This option may not be ideal for budget-friendly customers, however there are positive aspects for this method:

  • Printing process is much quicker and cost effective for shorter runs compared to Offset Printing
  • If you have a tight turnaround time, digital printing could be your last hope in getting those Sticky Notes in time.
  • Easier to customise and make changes to.
  • Images are flawless and colours appear to be more vibrant than Offset Printing

Suitable for your needs

Whether your Sticky Notes are for Corporate Events, Offices, etc., they are bound to be a show stopper to anyone with its pristine finish. Digitally Printed Sticky Notes is the perfect item for your marketing needs. For a sample of a Digitally Printed Sticky Notes, please contact one of our friendly staffs and they will gladly assist you.