Printed Adhesive Notes 200x75 Coloured Paper

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Students can take advantage of these 200 mm x 75 mm sticky note pads when working on their research papers or dissertations. The large surface area of these portrait-size sticky note pads provides plenty of room for notes.

Available Paper Colour To Choose From

These sticky notes are available in your choice of paper colours including: Standard white | recycled paper white | pastel yellow (pantone 600u) | canary yellow (pantone 608u) | brilliant yellow (pantone 386u) | sun yellow (pantone 7404u) | pastel blue (pantone 290u) | arctic blue (pantone 2985u) | pastel pink (pantone 2365u) | brilliant pink (pantone 211u) | pink (pantone 232u) | brilliant orange (pantone 804u) | red (pantone 192u) | pastel green (pantone 334u) | brillian green (pantone 373u) | lime green (pantone 381u) | recycled kraft paper (pantone 465u)

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40 Notepad Pages

The sticky note pads contain 40 sheets of paper that can be printed with a one-colour logo, image, or your name on each sheet. This sticky note is also available in:

  • 25 Page configurations
  • 50 Page configurations
  • 100 Page configurations

Please ask us for a quote on these alternate options when you make your enquiry.

Tips On Personalizing with your Graphics

We recommend keeping the imprint area no larger than 50% of the page size to allow for appropriate writing space. The product's innate flexibility allows you to stick note sheets anywhere, remove when done, and then re-apply if needed. The sticky note pads contain a backing paper as the last page and an adhesive strip that can be positioned on any one side of the sticky note pad.

Buy Sticky Notes with Custom Logo Printing

Price includes the cost of the one-colour print image or wording, but does not include GST. Printing is done in Australia and product(s) can only be delivered to customers within Australia.

3M Post-it® Available 

Dont forget, we also supply 3M Post-it® in unbranded bulk quantities for your daily office, home and school use.


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