What is Offset Printing?

Offset Printing is a commonly used printing technique, transferring ink onto a plate which will then be ready to be stamped on Sticky Notes. This method of printing is suitable for a 1-3 solid colour print. Basic images can be printed on your Sticky Notes making them aesthetically pleasing to your employees or customers. What better way to show off your beautifully customised Sticky Notes. If you're after a complex design, Digital Printing would be the best option. However, it is more expensive than Offset Printing.

Working On A Budget

Offset Printing is the most cost-effective method of printing you will find on the market. If you're after the cheapest method of printing with a satisfactory end-product, look no further because Offset Printing on Sticky Notes is definitely for you. Customers may be hesitant to purchase such budget-friendly products, but we can assure you that Offset Printing:-

  • Is a good starting point for your first time Sticky Notes orders - no fuss, no worries.
  • Is the better option for affordable printing designs.
  • Provides clear and crisp image in solid colour print.
  • Less expensive than Digital Printing

Perfect for your Work Desk

Many of you would have a stack of these Sticky Notes on your desk, in your drawer and of course, stuck on your Monitor. With Offset Printing on your Sticky Notes, it is a different level of excitement. Not only are they suitable for Corporate Offices, but they are also great for Marketing purposes. Buy your very own customised Sticky Notes in bulk today and save.