Paper Quality Used On Sticky Notes 

Sticky notes are manufactured in bulk. We make sticky notes for your organisation or your company using 80gsm weight paper. Our sticky notes are 100% carbon neutral. We try to ensure that the sticky notes and Post-it® Notes that you receive from our company are friendly for the environment.

The paper quality of our product is fantastic. We ensure that all aspects of the paper and finishing that we use are high in quality. Aspects that we pay close attention to include;

Cutting of sticky notes. Our sticky pads are precisely cut to ensure straight, even edges. Proper 90-degree cut angles
Paper-free for blemishes, spots and marks. Our production process is kept spotlessly clean. On top of that, we clean the production machines and keep them well run every day. This is to ensure that the final paper product is blemish free when delivered to you.


Sticky notes are the most effective form of advertising, especially when they function well and are easy to use. For this reason, we ensure the adhesiveness on our product is just right. We ensure that the stickiness on the edge of each sticky note is neither too strong nor too light. Positive user experience is what we aim to achieve.

By using water-based adhesives for the sticky edge, further our eco carbon neutral production by not using any solvents.

Printing Quality

By using either offset printing or digital printing, with the latest print techniques and processes we ensure that each custom printed job for you the client will be expertly and professionally printed. Once completed your set of personalised sticky notes will have a visual inspection for quality before packing and delivery.

You are Guaranteed an Amazing Custom Printed Promotional Sticky Note each time you place an order with us!