Custom Sticky Notes 200x150mm

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Small and large sizes available

Buy promotional sticky notes 200x150mm custom branded with your unique logo and design. Be inspired with these 200 mm x 150 mm white sticky note pads. The unique, portrait size lends itself to multiple uses. They make wonderful writing tablets-perfect for day dreamers who have a million ideas bubbling inside their head, students needing a large writing space to transcribe class notes, and scientists needing to log their research findings.

Versatile Promotional Item

The beauty of the white sticky notes is that they can be easily affixed, removed, and reapplied to most surface areas-this includes books, walls, file folders, computers monitors, and even refrigerator doors. Please ring bell for service. Out to lunch. These large size sticky note pads can also be used to create signs needed only on a temporary basis. Unlike signs posted with pins or tape, the sticky notes can be posted so that no residue is left behind. Regardless of how you use the sticky note pads, be sure to take advantage of the one-colour print option to make a visual impact.

Personalised Post-it® Notes

The product's clean-white paper can be customized with any one-colour image or wording; this includes your company logo. We do, however, recommend that the imprint area be no larger than 50% of the page size so that there is maximum writing space for the end-user.

The price includes the cost of the one-colour print image or wording, but does not include GST. Printing is done in Australia and product(s) can only be delivered to customers within Australia. The sticky note pad contains 40 sheets of white paper, a backing paper as the last page, and an adhesive strip that can be positioned on any one side of the sticky note pad.

Available Options

  • 50 page thickness configurations available request
  • 100 page thickness configurations available upon request

3M Post-it® Available

Dont forget, we also supply 3M Post-it® in unbranded, bulk quantities for your daily office and home use. 


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