Sticky notes are great promotional products but take it one step further by investing in unique combo sticky note sets. Here are our best-selling customised combo notes.

Event Branded Adhesive Notebooks

These event branded adhesive notebooks are the perfect combo gift products. These notebooks feature three different sized notes and come wrapped in one giant sticky notebook. The pages come in yellow paper and a set of five neon strips. You can easily customise this product with your brand or logo to get your name known!

Promotional Sticky Note Pads Spiral

Having a handy promotional sticky note spiral pad is perfect. These unique products come in a combo set of five different coloured sticky notes. You can easily get your logo embossed on the front of this product and it can easily fit in your pocket for quick notetaking. Don’t sleep on sticky notes and get ahead with this spiral set.

Custom Branded Jigsaw Sticky Flags

These cute custom branded jigsaw sticky flags turn a normal sticky note set into a fun gift. These sticky notes come in different Tetris shapes that neatly fit into a sleek box. This makes it appealing to all ages and makes it eye-catching for your brand. Get this emblazoned with your name or logo and get instant brand recognition!