The Psychology Of Colors: How Sticky Notes Can Help You Remember Better

How does the color of sticky notes you use impact your ability to recall information? If you are someone who is looking for ways to remember important stuff easily, then this article is definitely worth a read.

The Science Behind Color Psychology

Firstly, let's dive into the science behind color psychology. Colors have the power to evoke emotions which can influence behavior. Different colors affect our feelings and they can also have physiological effects such as increasing heart rate or blood pressure. For example; red elicits excitement and passion while blue often makes us feel happy and relaxed.

How Color Impacts Memory Retention

As we know, different colors give rise to varying emotional responses in us. Thus it comes handy in retention of memories too. Studies conducted show that using promotional coloured sticky notes, when taking notes or organizing information improves memory retention significantly.

In one particular study, participants were given coloured words out of a list of random letters, compared with black words only group researchers found those who used colour remembered more letters than black word counterparts did.

Another conclusion drawn from several different studies were students who took exams after revising their material on colorful pieces scored better than those who only revised on plain paper notes.

Choosing The Right Sticky Notes Color

Now, coming down on what would be an ideal choice when it comes selecting a color for note making? Here are some useful tips:

  • Red: This specific shade represents crucial information & triggers strong emotions thus it’s good practice if taken effective note under red header/label.
  • Yellow: Known for its brightness/cheerful appeal, it should come in use when highlighting important tasks that require urgent attention such as deadlines.
  • Green: Often related with positive growth vibes, perfect for jotting new ideas emerging and goals to enhance your productivity.
  • Blue: Would be most preferred choice where focus/calm are paramount, recommended where activities requiring high level concentration such as meditation.
  • Pink: This colour lets the user get creative by channeling streams of imagination such as brain storming and others.

Ultimately, it depends on the type of information being noted and the emotional reaction required to recall it.


Color psychology holds considerable importance in improving memory retention. By understanding how colors affect our emotions or behavior, we can choose the right color of promotional sticky notes to boost our power of persuasion thus leading us towards positive results. Give these tips a shot and let me know if you see improvement remembering those important pieces of information.