Sticky Notes Hacks For Yuppies

Sticky notes are not just small sheets of paper with an adhesive on the back. They can be used for numerous, creative purposes. If you are a marketing manager for an Australian organisation, then our range of sticky notes are going to be perfect for when you want to market your brand name to yuppies (AKA: Young professionals). Read on:

Positivity Dose

Every time you go to bed, take one of the sticky notes and place it on your alarm clock, mirror, lunch box or car dashboard. This is a hack that would definitely benefit yuppies and puts you in a positive perspective.

DIY Calendar

A calendar website/app tools that allows you to personalise your calendar can cost more than your entire supplies budget. Sticky notes are a cheap way to keep track of dates and deadlines. You can check our sticky note pads combo sets that fit your needs.

Interactive Note-taking

Using sticky notes is a more visual focus strategy that is less intimidating. It allows you to envision what you are learning. This hack can annotate and simplify difficult chunks of texts.


Colour Coding

Stay on top of your game by writing each task on a sticky note with specific colours for tasks due tomorrow, within the next week, or whichever timeline you prefer. Colour coding also works for tasks that are needed to be prioritised.



Sticky notes are not just for to-do’s! These hacks for yuppies can improve your workday productivity. If you have questions about our custom sticky notes, please email