Digital Print on Sticky Notes

Would you like to print photo onto sticky note pads? We use digital print as branding method for the post it note pads.  So an image such as wedding picture can print on every page of a sticky note pad. This makes branded sticky notes as a very fantastic marketing tool. You can have the printed notes stick on brochures, magazine, mails, flyers and more. In this post, we will discuss digitally printed promotional sticky notes, and how it can help Aussie businesses promote their brands. Let dig in!

  1. Transform sticky notes into marketing tools.
  2. Personalise designs for target markets.
  3. Leverage cost-effectiveness and longevity.

Digital Print's Sticky Note Versatility

Since it's possible to digitally print images on stickies, new opportunities to make your brand known and recognised opens up. Here are some important things to know about the versatility of this printing method:

  • Transforming everyday items: Sticky notes are one of the frequently utilised stationery items in the office, but because of the popularity of digital printing, they have the potential to turn into engaging marketing tools.
  • Wide variety of applications: Customised sticky notes can be used on various surfaces such as magazines, newspapers, mailers, flyers, and even product packaging. Each advert assures maximum reach and promotes brand awareness.
  • Customisable designs: The utilisation of digital printing offers an almost endless variety of design options, which includes the printing of images, brand logos, and product graphics directly onto the sticky note pages.
  • Memorable and eye-catching: Stickies with digitally printed images stand out and grab attention, increasing the chance that the brand's message will be recalled by potential customers.

Sticky Notes' Marketing Value

Promotional products play a important role in any successful advertising campaign. Sticky notes with a company's logo have a lot marketing value. Stickies are an excellent choice for any type of business for the following reasons:

  • Cost-effective: Companies can stock up on custom printed sticky pads at a low price. In this way, the brand's message can reach a wider audience without draining the marketing fund.
  • Long-lasting exposure: Sticky notes last a long time, as opposed to traditional advertising, which may only be seen briefly. They can remain there for several days or weeks, assuring longer brand exposure.
  • Practical and functional: Sticky notes are practical tools that can be put to use in different situations. Branding these functional promotional item with a company's logo or name may boost the brand's perceived value in the eyes of potential clients.
  • Increased brand awareness: Stickies printed with company logo give businesses a powerful tool for boosting brand recognition and leaving a lasting impression on the minds of the audience they are trying to attract.

Sticky Notes for Targeted Campaigns

One of the greatest advantages of digital print on sticky notes is the ability to create targeted marketing campaigns. Here are some techniques and strategies to consider:

  • Tailor designs to specific audiences: By using digital print, businesses can create customised sticky note designs that resonate with specific target markets. For example, a children's toy brand may print fun and colourful designs to capture the attention of young consumers.
  • Incorporate promotional offers: Digital print allows for the inclusion of promotional offers and discount codes on the sticky notes. This entices potential customers to take action and provides them with an incentive to engage with the brand.
  • Collaborate with influencers: To maximise the impact of a targeted campaign, businesses can collaborate with social media influencers who align with their brand. These influencers can promote the branded sticky notes to their followers, increasing brand visibility and generating buzz.
  • Utilise personalised messages: With digital print, businesses can print personalised messages on sticky notes, making the recipient feel valued and creating a sense of connection with the brand.


Digital print on sticky notes opens up a world of possibilities for businesses looking to leave a lasting impression on their target audience. By transforming a simple office supply into a powerful marketing tool, businesses can enhance brand awareness, engage with customers, and drive sales. Whether it's through the versatility of design options or the cost-effectiveness of branded sticky notes, the potential for marketing success is undeniable. So why not embrace the power of digital print on sticky notes and harness its promotional potential? Your brand deserves to stand out and leave a memorable mark in the minds of consumers. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your marketing strategy with digital print on sticky notes.