Sticky notes are effective promotion and marketing tools. They are budget-friendly, always come in handy, and can be sustainable. Here are the reasons why branded sticky notes remain popular.


Sticky notes a cost-effective and budget-friendly promotional product. You can purchase large quantities of sticky notes to increase your marketing outreach. We also stock a wide range of sticky notes so there will always be an option that suits your budget! Having the option for budget-friendly options means you can also focus more on your design and branding.

Affordable sticky notes include: Upside Down Heart Sticky Notes and Printed Post-it Large Notes Coloured Paper

Always Handy

Sticky notes always come in handy! Whether you are in the office, school, or at home, a sticky note is an easy way to quickly take down some notes. You can plaster your sticky notes anywhere too, such as your desk or fridge. Sticky notes are always available and will always showcase your brand! Grab a large set of sticky notes and get your brand out there

Popular options include: Printed Post-it Note Small Coloured Paper and Adhesive Memo Note Sets Eco

Local and Sustainable Options

A wide variety of our sticky notes are locally sourced and sustainable. This means the sticky notes are environmentally-friendly, with options being made out of 100% recycled paper. Since sticky notes are popular and frequently used, it is important that you use sticky notes that are environmentally conscious. This is also a great way to support your brand name.

Top products include: Large Enviro Sticky Notes and Square Eco Sticky Note Pads