Why Offices Still Use Adhesive Notes

Adhesive notes should be a staple in every office. They are reliable, easy to use, and offer great marketing opportunities for your brand or logo. Here are the reasons why offices still use adhesive notes.


Adhesive notes are fantastic marketing tools. They are able to be posted anywhere and everywhere! Coupled with your logo, your brand will get widespread exposure. You can give adhesive notes away at marketing events to be used in various offices. Alternatively, this is a great gift for clients, ensuring your brand name lives on in their workplace.

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Ease of use

There is nothing easier to use than adhesive notes. All you need to do is write your message, peel the note off, and stick it to any surface. The adhesive used in our stick notes is reliable and durable. It is suitable for most office surfaces in an office. Using sticky notes is so easy that after a few days it will be second nature to you!

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Adhesive notes are reliable. Rather than using a loose page to document important information, you can use your hand sticky note set. We offer a variety of adhesive notes specific to office use. This ensures the notes are kept on your desk and easily accessible. Additionally, by being colour coded, sticky notes are easily identifiable as opposed to searching through hundreds of white pages.

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