Why Sticky Notes Are an Office Essential

Buying Promotional Sticky Notes for Offices

Thinking out loud: once an idea is formed, it can easily become lost if not quickly acted upon. That’s where sticky notes come into effect. Once you write down the idea on a sticky note and post it at your eye level or directly over the head, you will keep on reading the note each time your eye meets it. This creates the perception of thinking out loud- continually.

The persuasive constant: unlike the electronic gadgets that need to be pressed, pushed and prodded, the sticky note just stays in one place, where you place it. There is no need to switch or turn on a sticky note, thus, it silently persuades you to get on with the written task.

Checklist: Not all sticky notes must be written on. It is also possible to have a blank sticky note posted on the wall that will be used mark a checklist as tasks are completed throughout the day. Diarising can prove too demanding and the smart gadgets are not always switched on, leaving it to sticky notes to be available for scribbling and note taking.

Sticky Notes

Get ahead of your tasks by securing the colourful stickers to use during the day. They can be easily disposed and even better if you are into recycling, you can put them in the recycle bag. Sticky notes are available in different bright colours, so they will be sure to stand out and serve their purpose.