Promotional Memo and Twister Cubes Printed With Your Graphic

Buy memo and twister cubes that are both unique and funky. If you ever want to take down notes on great-looking notepads, our range of Memo pads and Twister Cubes will surely level up your experience. These eye-catching notepads vary in colour and size.

Personalised Memo and Twister Notepads

Go beyond standard notepads with these custom branded Memo and Twister notes. When you add your logo and design to them, they make great promotional merchandise. We custom print these memo pads with your unique graphic. Kindly speak to our friendly team to know additional information about the cost of these pads.

Where To Use Memo and Twister Pads

Using these cubic note pads allows you to write on something at those unpredictable times when you need it - when a customer order has to be taken, a phone message needs to be taken, a calculation needs to be made, or lunch orders need to be taken down. To make it even more convenient, each sheet of paper comes with an adhesive backing that makes it possible to attach it to most surfaces including books, walls, file folders, computer monitors, and refrigerator doors.

Timely Delivery in Australia

The standard delivery of notepads is two (2) weeks. We are able to accomplish this turnaround time because our products are stored and ready to be imprinted in Australia. We only accept bulk orders. 

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  1. Customised Sticky Notes Cubes in Boxes

    Customised Sticky Notes Cubes in Boxes are a great way to promote your business time and time again through a logo print of your brand on every sheet of paper.
  2. 7x7x7cm Side printed

    Printed in bulk for your event
  3. 5x5x5cm Side printed

    Side printed with your colourful design
  4. 10x10x5cm Side printed

    Compact size for home or office

11 Items

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Sticky Note Cubes Promotional Item

We highly recommend promotional sticky note cubes, because it offers you a huge amount of on-going promotional marketing exposure. A post-it sticky note cube has so many pages that it will last at least a year for a guest to use. In fact, we have know guests to have used a sticky post-it cube for over a three-year period.

Shrink Wrapping

An option for shrink wrapping at a low price per unit is available for sticky note cubes. A transparent plastic film will cover the entire note cube to provide protection from water damage as well as physical damage to the post-it sticky note cube.

Delivery Production Time

The turnaround time for sticky note cubes personalised with your graphics is two weeks from the date of purchasing. If you desire the Post-It note brand of sticky note cubes, this is available with a turnaround time of 6 weeks.

If you were needing a larger surface to write on, please see our custom printed notepads.