Promotional Sticky Note Sets for Offices

Sticky notes can help elevate your brand name, especially in an office. Get unique sticky notes for staff and clients to act as easy marketing. Here are great promotional sticky note sets for offices.

Custom Branded Jigsaw Sticky Flags

Have some fun when you get back into the office with these custom branded jigsaw sticky flags. These promotional products are shaped like Tetris pieces and fit nicely in your emblazoned sticky notecase. This is a unique and practical way to get people’s attention in the office. More importantly, it will help elevate your brand name!

Printed Post-it® Notes 200x75 Coloured Paper

You cannot go wrong with these printed post-it coloured notepads. These sticky notes come in a vibrant turquoise colour that is guaranteed to attract onlooker attention. We can decorate these products easily with your brand name or logo. This way you can use these sticky notes to get your brand the attention it deserves. Consider gifting these sticky notes to your staff and clients in the office.

150x75 Enviro Note Pads

These environmentally-friendly sticky notes are exactly what you need for your arrival back into the office. The notepads are made from 100% recycled paper! This is a great way to spread environmental awareness whilst getting your brand easy promotion. These sticky notes work the same way as traditional adhesive pads with the added benefit of being environmentally conscious. Decorate these sticky notes with your logo today!